Crazy about colour

We are now witnessing a change that is having a full impact on the world of fashion: nowadays, women can directly see what celebrities are wearing and take their inspiration from this through the social networks at the same time this is happening. Instagram is a main thoroughfare for inspirations that travel in the hand of both brands and personalities or digital influencers.

Fashion implies being daring, creative and original. Values that we can see reflected in the most varied designs contained in the capsule collections of brands such as Moschino, with its Barbie Girl designs, in collaboration with Jeremy Scott or Alexander Wang for H&M, with a collection full of gothic touches and inspired by futuristic aesthetics.

In the world of beauty, this boldness is seen in hair colouring. The most daring pastel shades fill the real streets and cyber catwalks. We can even see the standard bearer of the real woman, Lena Dunham, wearing her short hair green this season.

One of the signs that this trend is becoming forceful this season is that the model Charlotte Free (known for the original look of her pink hair) was chosen as hostess by the brand Chanel to open the cruise fashion show 2015. Or Nina, the young Slovenian girl with blue hair, winner of the #castmemarc digital casting held by Marc Jacobs through the social networks.

This phenomenon implies an essential change in the acceptance of looks that have traditionally been less acceptable. This difficulty to catch on among real women has been due to their lack of boldness and the difficulty to wear such a daring look in certain professional settings. Now, thanks to the natural way their idols carry off these hair trends, we can find an opening in which real women are little by little finding their place and why shouldn’t we see a catwalk of rainbow shades parading through the streets of big cities in the not very distant future.


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