The beauty of a real woman

Naturalness in a woman is one of her most important qualities when it comes to making the most of her beauty. It would be difficult to be able to feel confident when wearing something that feels awkward or uncomfortable. Any woman can draw the attention of the entire room with a candid smile and a natural, well-cared for appearance.

Over the course of the Beautify seminars that we held for the firm ALCINA, we managed to make a huge number of real women feel more confident about themselves with the help of our stylists. Our aim is to show how any woman’s beauty can be enhanced by making small changes to her appearance that make her feel more self-confident.  The results have been extremely satisfying both for us, the stylists, and for our models, who were so appreciative of the changes we made to their look.

Looking at the world of fashion, we can see how the choice of models has changed over the years, slowly moving away from the shallowness that once dominated it. We also see how Helen Mirren (69) has been given a starring role in l’Oreal’s advertising campaigns and the veteran actress Jessica Lange (65) is the muse for the Marc Jacobs make-up line. At the same time as this change came about, René Zellweger’s new image flooded the social networks and caused a huge furore in the press. Apparently, Bridget could not accept growing older and finally decided to opt for surgery with results that are, to say the least, somewhat questionable.

The attitude of some women towards the passage of time is being talked about more and more, and it seems that aging in a natural way is being increasingly praised. This change in stereotypes that we have already discussed on other occasions leaves a whole world of interpretations on beauty and breaks away from established standards that have now become obsolete. Women who present themselves with naturalness and spontaneity are endowed with a certain aura that gives them the genuine and authentic appearance so sought after by all of us who work in the world of fashion.


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