Silver Ager Look


  It’s been a while since older women were practically obligated to have short hair. […]

Long hair look PG

Long hair look


If long hair is desired, then a length with a textured fringe and a fantasy […]

A-line bob PG Pure collection

A-line Bob look


The bob for 2017/18 is blunt and cut to one length. It is inspired by […]

Momu look PG Pure collection

The MOMU Look


The MOMU is a further development on the mullet with a stronger texture. It’s name […]

Pixie look PG pure collection

The Pixie Look


Since the 60s, the pixie cut has never really disappeared. Over time, it has been […]

Morrison look Paul Gehring

The Morrison look


The idea of the Morrison started among men and has been adopted for women. The […]

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