70’s Tribute Collection – 70’s Classics

The fabulous 70s

The seventies was a decade marked by the social upheavals at that time. Those years were engraved in our minds by student revolutions and the fight for individual liberties. All of the voices that were raised together in a struggle seeking recognition of their rights had a huge impact on the aesthetics that were characteristic of that era.

It can easily be said that music was a leitmotiv in that decade, when a plethora of bands appeared of many different styles that went on to become not just musical reference points, but also stylistic ones too for the thousands of fans that travelled from far and wide to come to their concerts. The 70’s was one of the most prolific decades in terms of style and one in which rock stars started to really work on the details in their styling. During this period the top musicians took great care about all of the little details that made up their style, alongside living for their music. The haircuts and hairdos were the driving force behind their rhythm and the styles lived out in the nights at the Studio 54 back then. Now more than ever, the seventies are coming back into fashion, supported by the world of hairdressing.

In the seventies many of the most repeated trends also came together, emulated and copied from the past; at that time the same girl could include boho, country and disco elements in any of her looks without batting an eyelid. It was certainly a very rich decade as far as fashion was concerned; a cultural boom that defined what came after it.

How fortunate were those people who could live in that decade, when technology had no social relevance and music was what reined over society! Nowadays we are living in an era that, just like the seventies, values diversity and individuality, not wanting uniformity in any way, shape or form, but rather enjoying a huge range of musical styles and fashion choices.

The seventies has surely been the most reinvented decade of all time and, at the same time, the most ridiculed for the extravagance and for not caring one jot about what people would say; there is a huge parallel to be seen with our current age. Seventies-inspired fashion reflects the world we live in today, which tries to break down the established rules, revamping trends and adapting them to the various ways of living life.

We are now seeing a great celebration of the achievements from that time and a new generation that once again is rejecting the established rules. This collection seeks to commemorate the fabulous 70s and celebrate the triumph of individual rights.

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Blondie (Krystyna)

This is inspired of course by our icon, Blondie, who as a punk idol, expressed her non-conformity through her lyrics.

In this look, the presence of the blonde tones is not used to try to achieve a natural colour; on the contrary, it seeks fantasy and daringness in colour. It is a dazzling blonde that will not go unnoticed and it is a complete declaration of intent: a battle-cry for women’s liberation.

A shoulder-length cut with aim of giving a compact effect, to go with a slightly graded colour and a striking fringe at eye length.


Mia Farrow (Sara)

The colour of this look gives it strength, power and vibrancy, making it stand out. A sense of movement is achieved with this short cut thanks to the eye-catching parting that gives it a polished and controlled line.

Cutting off your hair can have a lot of different meanings if we start with the idea that the hair is a part of the anatomy with an extremely high symbolic value. For men it has meant power while for women it has been related to sexuality.

Short haircuts have always been shied away from because of the air of masculinity they bring with them. In this case we see a cut that emphasises the model’s femininity and the penetrating stare of a strong woman. This look was inspired by Mia Farrow, who marked a turning point for the short haircuts and turned it into her personal banner and one for women’s lib.

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