• Ja, ich wil!
    by Paul Gehring for Alcina
  • 70's Classics
    by Alcina | Paul Gehring
  • Lady Patchwork
    by Alcina | Paul Gehring
  • Disco Glam
    by Alcina | Paul Gehring
  • Rockstars
    by Alcina | Paul Gehring
  • Rock and Roll Circus
    by Alcina | Paul Gehring
  • Color Blocking
    by Alcina | Paul Gehring
Welcome to PAUL GEHRING's world of coiffure & fashion
We create fashion by the art of hairstyling. Collections by Paul Gehring are famous for closing the gap between traditional hairstylist's quite abstract studio shoots and REAL FASHION. It's 'Haute Coiffure': viable hairstyles claiming a superior concept of beauty and fashion.
Paul's unique criteria and techniques are being used by many successful hairstylists from all over the world. His latest training project: teaching how to drive your customers crazy by performing an overall image consulting service - as a mere hairdresser. Results and feedback are being more than amazing!
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Our company offers international stylist Paul Gehring's activities, products and services. We have many years of experience in the areas of education and training for professional hairdressers, performing shows and events, and also creating image and fashion.
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