Fashion Top 10: Highlights of 2015

2016 is just round the corner and once again we are taking a look back to refresh your memories of this year’s highlights. The world of beauty has been full of new ideas and among them we have come up with a list of the most outstanding.

  • The reigning glory of wavy hair

Wavy hair comes in at number one in our charts since it has been the focus of everyone’s attention this year. The Morrison cut, our recommendation for this year, was a real success that we will continue to see in 2016. The key factor for this look’s success is, without a shadow of a doubt, its curly fringe. 

  • Layered cuts have made a come-back

In 2015, volume in the upper part of a hairstyle came back into fashion and is here to stay

  • Goodbye to keratin and the ironing-board effect

It is time to say goodbye to dull, straight hairstyles.

  • Grey is crowned the king of all the pastel colors

Pastel colours have been extremely popular in 2015, especially grey. This has been one of the most innovative ideas in colouring this year and we are sure to see more of it in the year to come.

  • From the most radical to the most sensual of haircuts: The pixie-cut is back

We have been seeing this trend develop over the last year from the most radical cuts, with shaved backs and sides, to the sensuality of the pixie-cut.

  • Styling: The natural drying effect

The world of hair fashion has been brimming over with natural tendencies this year and a prime example of the quest for simplicity is in the styling. Certain spontaneity can only be achieved through the structure and texture of natural hair.

  • Doing away with ombrés and dip-dyes

2015 has seen ombrés and dip-dyes disappear. As a result, we are going back to highlights and making them the centre of attention, as they have always been.

  • Shaved heads

It has been years since Agyness Deyn shaved her head and left us all gaping in amazement. In 2015, we have seen many models making themselves stand out on the runway by shaving their heads. This daring move has turned out to be a really worthwhile success.

  • Styling without distinguishing between genders

It seems that the distinction between sexes is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. Many parts of the fashion industry have been affected by this revolution and the hairstyling sector was the first to join this rebellion.

  • Naturalness from head to toe: The new normal

Naturalness has indisputably been the most evocative trend this year in the proposals offered by the hairstyling industry. In 2015, we have brought back some of our own essence, the values with which each of us define ourselves. By bringing out the most characteristic features, we have brought naturalness back to the world of hair fashion and this will unquestionably play a starring role in 2016.



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