Pixie look PG pure collection

The Pixie Look

Pixie look PG pure collection

Since the 60s, the pixie cut has never really disappeared. Over time, it has been shown in a number of ways. Now, the pixie cut appears in a very natural style: fine, feathery and extremely flattering. Instead of being worn overly short, this cut is somewhat longer and fuller with lots of structure and texture. It is suitable for both sexes. The hair colour has to highlight the style and accentuate it – a radiant colour. Lightweight products are used to style the hair so it can move naturally. The pixie cut needs movement rather than a static style. Its naturalness should not be hidden or compressed into new shapes by styling products.

Her look: The pixie cut with a wet-look style – men’s style with a feminine interpretation. To get the wet look, distribute gel throughout damp hair and make a parting. It has to look natural wet and the contours cannot be broken. Styling products: Alcina Moisture Spray, Alcina Pearl Gel

His look: There is a clash of contrasts here. The cut has a lot of structure with a compact, blunt cut at the front. The colour is deliberately changed to a stark blonde. A new style is created: Young, bleached hair, androgynous.

Styling products: Alcina Moisture Spray, Alcina Matt Wax


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