The hair cut has taken over the starring role again!

Short haircuts have once again become the stars, taking back the limelight from styling. At last! It is a good time to be a hairdresser.

The messy hairstyle was the first sign we saw of this change in direction, as worn by Charlotte Gainsbourg or Caroline de Maigret. They were the ambassadors of the French-style that has become the focus of everyone’s attention thanks to its free fringe and loose waves.

We are now seeing this trend making huge advances as it is being incorporated into looks of different lengths. What we mean here are the haircuts that highlight the movement of hair so that we can now leave those tedious keratin treatments and fake straightening far behind us.

This new generation of models is dazzling us with haircuts that bring out the naturalness of their hair, achieving a result with such an impact and such individuality that styling is now taking a back seat – at last!

Those who were forced by the fashion industry to conceal the real structure of their hair are back with a bang and we have placed them at the top spot in our hair rankings.


Steffy Argelich

Her triumphant haircut has led Steffy to take the number one slot on our podium.Her decision to swap her long hairstyle for a shaggy bob, with a fringe has launched her to stardom, strutting her stuff on the runway for Louis Vuitton’s 2015 cruise collection and being chosen as the leading model for the Mango Premium catalogue this autumn.

Mica Mica-Arganaraz-Mango-Fall-2015-Lookbook01Arganaraz

Her Jim-Morrison-style mane has led her to be selected for the top fashion shows. However, we also know her as a queen of versatility, having seen her with her hair tied back for Prada’s Autumn-Winter 14/15 campaign by Steven Meisel. This Argentine model has been placed among the top 50 in’s ranking and a large part of her success is down to her unparalleled curls.

HK.Russh_.June_.2015.Hudson.01Heather Kemesky

Heather took part in the Louis Vuitton lookbook and the runway for the 2016 cruise collection, making her a star and a revelation. Although her features have always made it easy for her to find a place in the modelling world, but her career really took off when she cut her hair. Her freckles and short fringe make a perfect tandem to transform her into modern-day Joan of Arc.

Lorelle a2x0036Lorelle Rayner

We discovered Lorelle on the runway for Louis Vuitton’s 2016 cruise collection and she immediately captivated us with her hair and personal style. Lorelle ticks all the boxes to be included in this ranking and we are sure that we will be seeing a lot more of her; for example, she was selected as the cover girl for the September issue of L’Officiel Mexicolou schoof.

Lou Schoof

German model, Lou Schoof, deserves fifth place in our ranking. She is taking huge steps towards conquering the fashion world thanks to her natural French style. Do not forget this face because this girl is making huge waves in the fashion world.

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