Sublime styling for real women by Paul Gehring

Paul Gehring’s styling education concept excels @ Top Hair Trends & Beauty Days 2011, Düsseldorf (Germany)

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The acclaimed hairdresser stars five visionary master workshops for ALCINA/Dr. Kurt Wolff on the world of ‘Fascination Styling’ at Germany’s main hairdressing event.

Interaction, professional feedback, consumer-oriented strategies and brand new brilliant styling techniques: Paul Gehring performances at Top Hair Trends & Beauty Days 2011 introduced the audience in a world where beautiful styling means precious business.
Initially introducing on stage 12 models with sharp geometrical and strong-colored wigs, Gehring began a game between the public and the models based on communication and unlike views. ‘Do you like their looks?’, asked Paul to an audience made of professional hairdressers… and then again the same question but this time directly to the models… ‘No, Paul, mach mich schön!’, replied the models, which means ‘No, Paul, make us look beautiful!’… and instantly they took their wigs away to the audience surprise. At this point, the Paul Gehring Team showed off its masterliness and practical magic in terms of styling, turning the models into beautiful and, above all, real women sporting consumer-oriented looks.

In Paul Gehring’s opinion, styling is the key in successful hairdressing today: everything is possible when a professional masters the art of finishing hair. A perfect haircut can be ruined by bad styling… but a bad haircut can be enhanced by smart styling. The concept of ‘Fascination Styling’ workshop is to renew education baselines designing successful proposals not to amaze hairdressers but to satisfy customers’ needs.

Top Hair Trends & Beauty Days offers every year one of the most important trends forum and platform for innovations and advanced training. Always following the needs of the hairdressing & beauty market and providing the best inspiration for hairstylists, Top Hair Trends & beauty Days is the top professional event in Germany.

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