Paul Gehring on tour

Paul Gehring, a man of action, was born in Holland and now lives in Barcelona; however he actually seems to feel at home anywhere in the world. This professional stylist and trendsetter is well-known for his fashion shows and fascinating makeovers. A stylist, trainer and a really hard worker: whether in the USA, South Korea or Finland, Paul Gehring’s ideas for beauty and his technical level are all the rage throughout the world. He has just finished the Alcina Looks-Tour 2015/16 with his own 70s Tribute collection project.

While already working on the next project for Alcina and at an event that was really close to his heart (decorating a home for mentally disabled people), he offered us a few of his personal reflections.

Career. I am never afraid of change and I just go my own way, which is very far from the mainstream, neither do I work simply thinking about the prizes I could win.

Creation. The key factor is recognizing the spirit of the times. In this respect, personal taste is of no importance. I try to convey good vibes with our collections. It is something magical!

Beauty. This is in the eye of the beholder. Imperfection, perhaps?

Fashion. When I look back at my roots, fashion had very little to do with hairdressers. Right now I cannot imagine it ever being two separate things.

Alcina Looks-Tour. We present trends in an annual collection according to our own interpretation. The most important aspect: team work.

Trust. Honesty and transparency are a really necessity in our everyday work together.

Inspiration. Sometimes I make too many demands on myself. The key factor is free time and creative leisure activities.

Technique. Our method is based on “working” on the hair.

Seminars. These are a great chance to find out where we are in our development. Feeling comfortable and monotony are a hairdresser’s worst enemies. I feel close to the hairdressers and share my knowledge with them.

Happiness. I should sometimes be more sensitive about this but it actually brings me peace and tranquillity.

Yearning. More time to spend with my loved ones and for myself.

Free time. Riding my motorbike, enjoying the Mediterranean life and a nice cold beer!

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