Paul Gehring @ Milan Fashion Week 2010

Paul Gehring’s “grungy” hairstyles shining in the Milano Fashion Week

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Famous hairdresser Paul Gehring’s creativity and versatility clearly stood out on the celebrated catwalk of Milano Fashion Week’s most recent edition. Gehring was responsible for the hairstyles of the emerging fashion designer Federico Sangalli, one of the major surprises of this year’s event, and therefore took part in the most important fashion week of the northern Italian metropolis.

The event was held on March 1st on the main catwalk of the exhibition palace “Fiera Milano City”, where a wide audience, including the world’s major fashion and lifestyle media, gathered for the show.

According to Stylist Giulio Martinelli – head of the show and fashion editor of the prestigious Vogue Italy – Paul Gehring created “natural, though somewhat casual” hairstyles with a subtle grunge finish, which led to a beautiful contrast to the architecturally cut apparel from Sangalli. Overall, Paul Gehring and his team, consisting of Encarna Pachón, Olga Valls and Fabio Zaffigani, were in charge of styling the hair of Sangalli’s 18 models.

Federico Sangalli’s parade titled “Dressing and Dancing the Future” opened with a unique performance of contemporary dance, specially designed by the outstanding choreographer and dancer David Parsons from New York – creator of the unforgettable piece “Caught”.

“To be able to style the models of a fashion designer for an event as important as the Milano Fashion Week,” says Paul Gehring, “it is essential to be well prepared in order to understand the character.”

Federico Sangalli is a young but already highly esteemed designer who grew up in a Milanese Haute Couture committed tailor’s family. This influence can be seen in his creations by the choice of materials, the cuts, the geometry, etc. – all hand made. Thus Federico is a clear representative of the fashion “Made in Italy” and the high quality Italian “sartoria”. A concept that Paul Gehring was able to emphasize masterfully.
“I love working with famous designers such as Sangalli, because I’ve always felt that hairdressers should go hand in hand with fashion”, states Gehring, adding: “my participation in the MFW allowed me to experience the newest developments and the latest trends at first hand, which of course I can use as a source of inspiration for my own hair fashion collections.” “After all, no fashion accessory is as exclusive as our own hair: it’s a treasure that can both sublime or completely ruin a person’s appearance”, concludes Paul.

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