The Morrison look

Morrison look Paul Gehring

The idea of the Morrison started among men and has been adopted for women. The role model for the distinct curly hair is rock legend Jim Morrison, who broke with convention in the seventies. The Morrison became a trend in the Alcina 70th Tribute Collection (2015). The movement is still there but the shapes have changed: the hair is now longer and heavily layered. The same technique is used for both men and women with this unisex cut. Women wear their hair somewhat longer than men. The Morrison is characterised by movement and a natural look. The structure of the hair is accepted as is. If the natural movement is not enough, a perm can give it a helping hand. A natural-looking hair colour is great for this look.

The look: The hair is dried with a diffuser. The desired effect gives your hair an air-dried look without additional volume. Finally, refine the style with curling irons. The hair can fall loosely around the face.
Styling products: Alcina Moisture Spray, Alcina Curl Emulsion

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