Fashion’s Top Ten: a summary of the highlights in 2014

December is here and this is the time to take a look back at what 2014 has brought us. It has been a year full of historic changes and unforgettable moments that forecast a revolutionary entrance of the 21st century into adolescence in every aspect. In order to bid farewell to this year, we have prepared a Top Ten of the best moments we experienced in the world of fashion, moments that will remain forged forever in our minds and are the foundations for future innovations.

Catwalk: “From indoor to outdoor”. A real new aspect this year has been the change in the place where the catwalks are held; now fashion shows can be seen in supermarkets and on the street. The most significant change has been the increase in feminism we have seen and the success of the hashtag #freenipple in all social networks is a sign of this.


Casting: From agencies to social networks. Marc Jacobs has been responsible for the revolution in the world of castings thanks to his #CastMeMarc marketing campaign. He decided to find the stars for his F/W 2014 collection by using this hashtag and this way managed to achieve resounding success.


Model sizes: From 32 to 40. Calvin Klein’s “perfectly fit” campaign opened a debate on the size of models, showing the 40 size model Myla Dalbesio modelling lingerie. Even though this model from the US firm never seemed like a model for large sizes, his campaign was indeed an approach to this. We hope this will be just a start of what will really take off in 2015 regarding models’ sizes and the issue of extremely thin models in advertising can be settled once and for all.


Make-up: From everything to nothing. “No-make-up” has been a trend this year, basically consisting of a scrubbed face with absolutely no make-up whatsoever. In fact, we could see models with no make-up at all in Marc Jacobs’ fashion show. This trend launched a debate that we will continue discussing in 2015 and an adaptation line that perfectly imitates this effect thanks to the use of very natural nude shades. We will also get involved in this very flattering trend, bringing back a woman’s beauty without going over the top, in this way enhancing her natural beauty.


Models’ age: From 18 to 70. This year we have witnessed a leap in age by the stars of various collections. The most revolutionary change has taken place in the world of cosmetics, which has grown up in this year 2014 with campaigns starring veterans such as Helen Mirren and Jessica Lange.


Men: From metrosexual to lumbersexual. In 2014 men have no longer been so extremely meticulous with their metrosexual image and have gone back to the casual aura of the traditional man. The guys in 2014 have reinvented hipster aesthetics and are now called lumbersexuals, which emphasises their masculinity and reinterprets lumberjack aesthetics.


Hair dyes: From rain to rainbow. We have seen that tints have become more fashionable than ever, the streets being inundated with rainbow-coloured hairstyles.


Models’ attitude: From severity to spontaneity. Models no longer appeared so distant and made the campaigns more spontaneous, casual and warmer. In 2014 we have seen the stars of fashion advertisements becoming more familiar and more human. A natural air has become trendy.


Communication: From the magazine to the blog. Internet has opened a whole new world of inspiration that is reaching readers through blogs and Instagram profiles. Magazines are another inspirational tool, but they no longer hold the monopoly, there is now a duopoly.


Fashion 3.0: Fashion everywhere and at any time. In conclusion, this has been a year when fashion has moved from its traditional key points, reaching everywhere through the different channels offered by new technologies. We are starting off on an era when fashion is flooding all aspects of our lives, always with us wherever we go thanks to the Internet and mobile phones.

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