Do it with a great deal of passion or change your job

Passion is something indispensable to correctly perform any job. As good professionals, we must feel excitement for everything related to our professional work. In our case, since we are professionals in the sector of beauty and involved in such creative work, we must feel even more passionate than ever about it. Those who attended our Alcina Looks Tour 2014 and specifically came to the stand we set up in the German capital will have witnessed the participation of our collaborator Encarna Pachón who, in one of her speeches, discussed the importance of excitement by recalling a memory from her childhood. When Encarna was a child she played with cut-out dolls whose dresses could be changed and afterwards she always asked her grandfather whether her doll looked pretty. Her grandfather replied by encouraging her to continue working on the doll because it could look even more beautiful. Her grandfather’s comment made her undertake a challenge to make the most out of her cut-out dolls and ensure they would look as beautiful as possible. It was probably her grandfather’s comment that made her the great professional she is today because she still keeps her passion and enthusiasm for her work alive everyday. This insatiable attitude is what motivates a professional to continue feeling this passion and become better every day. It is true that disproportional non-conformism can lead to constant frustration; however this frustration is certainly compensated by the daily recognition of a job well-done.

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