Pure Collection

Pure collection Paul Gehring Hairdressing for ALCINA

The 17/18 Pure Collection by Paul Gehring Hairdressing for ALCINA

In this context, “Pure”, the name of the Collection, means purist, clear and unadulterated. Our full attention is drawn to the hair and face, as with a portrait or “selfie”. There is a strong desire for individuality and authenticity that is met by the Pure Collection by Paul Gehring Hairdressing for ALCINA 2017/2018.

Morrison look Pure collection by Paul Gehring Hairdressing

Women no longer want long, feminine, overstyled hair. Hair lengths from pixie cuts to mid-length and from bobs to long hair are all equally desirable. Essential features show either layers, soft and supple hair or fiercely blunt cuts. The Alcina method works with the hair structure to promote its natural movement and put it in the spotlight. A key trend that has established itself is the “Morrison” hairstyle with naturally falling curls. This trend is characterised by movement and naturalness. The mullet has also earned a place in the world of fashion. It has been further developed and Alcina shows it as a mixture with the “Morrison” look to create the MOMU trend (“Modern Mullet” – a mullet with lots of movement). The pixie cut is popular with both sexes. The new pixie cut for females is never ultra-short, but rather has a feminine, soft look.

Momu look Pure collection by Paul Gehring Hairdressing

The Alcina Collection blurs the sexes through unisex haircuts with the same cutting technique for men and women.

The 60 plus age group is growing in society and it is a vital, well-informed generation that wants to look modern, but not younger. The baby boomers were never a silent generation. Nowadays, they carry their style very confidently and stand by their whitened hair.

Alcina 2017/2018 has chosen to work with hair colours such as gold blonde, ice blonde, gold copper and cool and warm brown tones.

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