Spring university look by Paul Gehring

Inspiration Book I – Spring University

The freshness of teenage years is captured in these pictures, where the sensuality of innocence is depicted through the constant presence of bright colours and a naïve aesthetic.

In this university, pastel tones are in bloom just like the beauty of our girls. The spring breeze gently rustles their skirts and hair and takes us back to films like Grease, with its Pink Ladies and Summer Nights.

The desire to have fun, to smile and be happy is the leitmotiv of the coming season. Pastel colours abound in this collection, alongside fun prints, a clear throw-back to years-gone-by between the fifties and the seventies.

106-inspiration-book-spring-university-02A blast from the past which still looks fresh. The simple lines of this compact little cut turn the styling and colour into the stars of the show. The metallic pastel colour gives the look a modern touch and brings it out of the past and into present, giving off total attitude.

As for the styling of this look, the aura takes us back to the past, to mythical scenes such as the romance between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the Oscar-winning Ghost. We will never get tired of saying that “what goes around comes around,” and this is just one more example of how the luxury and elegance that were in style years ago are now back to stay. We could not be happier!

106-inspiration-book-spring-university-03Sporting long hair is a mainstay trend in every season and a look that never goes unnoticed. This season we have opted for a seventies-style mane with pastel tones that give the look a baby-doll touch and turn our girl into an object of desire for both men and women alike.

Blonde hair is fetishised by millions of people, and it is a colour that brings out the sweetness and softness of a face. In this case we chose blonde to finish the look off, but we could have combined this cut with any colour or hair type.

An XXL mane is a good call for any face shape, and it is extremely versatile as it can be adapted to any hair type; that is probably why it is always around and never goes out of style.

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