Sport Evolution inspiration lookbook by Paul Gehring

Inspiration Book II – Sport Evolution

The influence of sports in the fashion world is evident, and it is here to stay. This season, its influence is being felt more than ever and not because of its practical nature, but rather because of its beauty.

The austerity of its perfect lines, the glorification of form and the new dimension it carves out in space, not only emphasising the physical beauty of the body, but also the beauty within.

What we are looking at now is physical beauty becoming an expression, an exteriorisation of the mental state. Mens sana in corpore sano.

inspiration-book-sport-evolution-02This season the mullet is making a come-back, that favourite haircut of the eighties worn by Ziggy Stardust. This haircut is a testament to the rock-chic spirit, a completely polarising look: you either love it or hate it.

You need attitude and personality to be able to pull off a mullet. This haircut guarantees to make the person who is brave enough to sport it into the centre of attention, a sure bet for the adventurous and non-conformist souls among us.

This style is adaptable to countless colours, and its volume means that it can easily suit any face shape. However, it should be remembered that the mullet is not a good idea for those of us with thick and profuse hair.

In our interpretation of the mullet we are claiming back the old style, just like in our previous collections, which have ended up hitting the front pages of fashion magazines and becoming ad campaigns.

inspiration-book-sport-evolution-03A mid-length hair cut brought together with platinum dye gives this look incomparable strength. To the cold platinum we have added subtle, almost imperceptible hints of violet creating a stark and unique look.

The beauty of the model wearing this look is clear proof of the changes that we are seeing on the street and in the world of fashion. Different faces are becoming more and more visible, as are unconventional expressions, representing a type of beauty we are not normally used to. The impact of this new paradigm of beauty makes it provocative and perfect for the platinum look, topping off its boldness with an edge of power.

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