Age is simply an attitude. Interview with Paul Gehring about anti-aging


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Paul Gehring from Holland is one of the leading figures marking trends in the hairstyling scene. From Barcelona he develops extensive fashion presentations where he applied his hairdressing skills in line with the most up-to-date fashion and makeup trends. Paul Gehring is a specialist in questions related to aging and his aim is to apply the most up-to-date trends to everyday fashion.

Mr. Gehring, which hairstyles make women look older?

Paul Gehring: Fashion is always changing and developing. Whether a sporty, classical, elegant, natural or romantic style, if it seems repetitive or old-fashioned this automatically makes a person look older! Out-of-date styles make you look older! It is important for a hairstyle to have an up-to-date, modern touch.

Regarding hair, what do you consider taboo if you want to look younger?

Any kind of exaggeration, such as a style that is too perfect, grey tones, visible backcombing, cutting lines that are too hard, loose hair that is too long. Lightness makes you look younger.

People used to say that women should have a short hairstyle after the age of 40. Do you agree with that?

Age is simply an attitude. You cannot classify women by their age or any other aspect for that matter. Short hair is for women who suit it. We should not forget that generations are younger nowadays. People in their forties are the new thirties.

What do you think about older women with long hair?

Unfortunately as you get older your hair loses its quality and thickness. Long hair is heavier and frames an aging face. I think long hair is great for very elegant women if it is swept up, with not much volume and with grey hair. In fact this conveys experience and wisdom. But not all women have such a strong personality.

Can’t long hair look old-fashioned?

No, absolutely not. It all depends on the person. The most important thing is that it has a modern touch. Styling plays a crucial role to achieve this.

Is it true that fine hair should be worn short?

It need not be cut very short. The most important thing is to create a certain weight, in this way it looks thicker. Very thinned out, feathered hair must be avoided, it is better to use compact, clear cutting lines, full at the ends. We must exchange the concept of volume for thickness or weight. Women with fine hair must be offered possibilities depending on the quality of their hair. If I dry your hair from the roots with the hairdryer to create a great deal of volume, but the empty parts and thinness of the hair can be seen against the light, what use is the volume?

How do you achieve hair volume?

We do this by avoiding weight in certain areas and using the right technique that we master. The crucial thing is to create volume where it is really needed.

Do you have any formula to give a shine to hair and make it look healthy?

Unfortunately there is no magic formula for this. There are hair types that are naturally shiny and hair types that take on shine and light thanks to hair dyes. Hair needs to be well looked after to look healthy. There are also products, such as lacquer, with shine but care must be taken so that afterwards your hair does not look unhealthy.

The older you are the more difficult it is to find the right hair colour. Should you always dye your hair back to its original colour?

It is extremely difficult to find the right tone. This becomes even more of a problem the older you are when your skin is not as smooth as it used to be and you may have sunspots. You should not consider your hair’s original colour but analyse the current condition of your skin, eye colour and your hair’s natural tone. In this way you can decide whether it is better to choose harmony or contrast, of course depending on whether you want to highlight or conceal something.

Does the original colour tone tell us anything?

It means a lot. It tells us the direction we should take to choose the right colour. It is important for making a good analysis.

And grey hair? Is it attractive or not?

It is only attractive when it is well-cared for or if it suits the person. It can look incredible for the right person when her hair is well cared for.

An amazing hairstyle. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you here this?

What use is a perfect hairstyle if it doesn’t suit the person? A free-hand hairstyle can actually be better. The most perfect techniques are no use at all unless they are applied with good taste.

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  • ALCINA May 1, 2013, 4:11 pm

    Another great interview with a star performer and stylist. We love his ideas and most of all his work in combination with his international team. Please keep on doing this great job Paul Gehring, espacially for ALCINA, we're very pleased to have you around us. The quality of an organization can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up, so let's bring some hairdressing mindfullness into the world.

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